Palomar Mountain City Overview

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Spectacular mountain views from more than one mile high. Quiet mountain roads surrounded by forests. A terrific drive, with more than 20 hairpin turns in less than 7 miles. No fast food restaurants. If you�re looking for a mountain getaway, look for your next San Diego home or second home on Palomar Mountain, just 65 miles northeast of downtown.

Palomar Mountain is primarily famous for its Palomar Observatory, a world-class center of astronomical research that is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology. The observatory is home to five telescopes that are nightly used for a wide variety of astronomical research programs. It is also the location of Palomar Mountain State Park, a California state park. There are campgrounds for vacationers, as well as a campground for local schoolchildren. The park averages 70,000 visitors annually. It is one of the highest peaks in San Diego County, at 6,140 feet.

Stargazers, motorcycle riders and campers alike all love Mother�s Kitchen located nearer to the summit. Next door is Palomar Mountain General Store with unique gifts, groceries and picnic baskets available.

Approximately 300 families live on Palomar Mountain. Some are cattle ranchers who are descendants of the original settlers while others are scientists working at Palomar Mountain Observatory. Residents are independent and enjoy their privacy yet come together to support the local one room schoolhouse and fire department.

Palomar also has some exclusive homes in the mountains. Mostly cabin type homes set in the Cleveland National Forest, Palomar offers a unique mountain community. Currently Palomar Mountain real estate includes number of wooded lots for sale and homes ranging in price from high $100,000s (1 bedroom) to $1 million.