Talmadge City Overview

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An historic neighborhood near SDSU, Talmadge is the location of unique, one-of-a-kind San Diego real estate. Just east of Kensington, this area was named for the Talmadge sisters - Norma, Constance and Natalie - notable film stars in the �20s. Norma was married to Joseph Schenck, then-president of United Artists Corporation and co-developer of Talmadge in the late 1920s. Three streets of the subdivision were named for the famous sisters, who attended the openings along with Buster Keaton (Natalie�s husband). In fact, they promoted the new subdivision as "the Movie Girl subdivision".

Although Talmadge was a neighborhood of tract homes, these San Diego homes are vastly different from the cookie-cutter designs of today's subdivisions, and walking along the curving, palm-lined streets is a treat for anyone interested in architecture, landscaping, history and romance. Iron arbor-style gates and lamp posts installed in 1927 still mark the boundaries of Talmadge. An eclectic blend of architecture includes a strong influence of Spanish-Moorish charm, mixed with Normandy-style homes and more modest Craftsman and Cape Cod bungalows. Drive through the neighborhoods, where it�s easy to spot turrets, leaded glass or arched windows, arcades, and quirky weathervanes and roof finials. Homes range in size from one-bedroom cottages to large executive style homes, with a sprinkling of condos and apartments as well.

Talmadge's borders are defined by Fairmount Avenue to the West, Montezuma Road/Collwood Boulevard to the Northeast, and El Cajon Boulevard to the South. Many homes in this area back up to picturesque canyons wooded with chaparral, cooled by breezes blown in from the ocean. Less than seven miles from downtown, Talmadge is a serene bit of suburbia tucked away in the urban cityscape.