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Everywhere you look, there is something to see and do in the "City in the Country." Rodeos, Trout Fishing, Hiking, Biking, and Horseback Riding are found in the city of Poway. It�s grand, rock-covered hills are well-received challenges with hikers. There are miles and miles of hiking trails for climbers to cover. Poway also is home to Poway Lake, where you will find fishing, boating, camping, and the Clyde Rexrode Wilderness area. Poway�s Community Park is where the entire community conglomerates. You�ll find swimming pools, tennis, basketball, auditorium, Senior Center, and even a park for dogs to unleash and unwind.

Poway Days are an annual September event. Arguably, the main attraction is the Poway Rodeo. Conventional Rodeo events as well as not-so-coventional events (such as the Junior Barrel Race, Kids� Mutton Bustin� and good ol� Rodeo Clowns) come together. So, there is fun to be had by people of all ages!

Poway prides itself as being "The City in the Country." Poway has made a strong effort to limit population growth, as it wants to continue the small country-town feel. Currently, the city has just over 50,000 residents spread over nearly 40 square miles. That�s a lot of land with not a lot of people. It makes you briefly doubt that San Diego County has a population of nearly 3 million people.

However, do not assume Poway residents are a bunch of simple-minded folk! Poway is one of the richest cities in the County of San Diego (median income in 2006 was over $93,500). It also prides itself on having one of the best school districts in the state of California. Many move to Poway just for the schools. All of Poway�s many other offerings could be considered just added benefits.

The majority of the real estate in "The City in the Country" is detached, single-family housing. There are only a few condo developments and apartment communities in the city of Poway. Median price for a detached Poway (92064) home is $540,000 (as of 4/07) and the average price is $736,187 (as of 4/07). The median price for an attached Poway (92064) home, such as a townhome or condo, is $385,000 (as of 4/07) and the average price is $404,250 (as of 4/07).