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Think finding a home that is located near work, shopping, beaches, and a highly-ranked university is just a flighting fantasy? The reality is such a home can be found in University City.

Real estate in University City is predominantly built in the 1950s through the 1970s. Because University City is so desirable, newer homes tend to be either townhomes or condos. Apartments are also popular, because of its closeness to UCSD. Detached homes in University City run through the Rose Canyon, designated open space. University City condos are typically aimed at those with active lifestyles or for the life of a student and feature fitness rooms, pools, and spas. Some condos also have tennis courts, computer rooms, concierge services, commercial kitchens and movie theatres!

University City has ideal weather because it is ocean-close to benefit from the cool ocean breezes, without being covered in fog. University City is also close to Soledad National Park, where Mt. Soledad is a popular tourist stop. Outdoor mall shopping can be found at University Towne Center, Renaissance, and Costa Verde. Prefer plotting yourself on the beach and working on your tan? You can do that, too, as University City is close to the popular beaches of La Jolla where snorkeling to view Garibaldi fish is a common activity, as are bodyboarding and surfing.

University City is located in San Diego�s desired �Golden Triangle.� Residents of University City can be anywhere in the city of San Diego within a matter of minutes, as it is centrally located within Interstate 5 and 805 and Highway 52. University City�s proximity to University of California at San Diego (UCSD) also makes it quite attractive to university students. Those who work in downtown San Diego also enjoy the area because it is within a few miles of the city, but they are able to enjoy the suburban lifestyle.